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D&D Repaint: Bullywugs

As my players traveled the Mere of Dead Men, they finally met the other residents of the marsh: Bullywugs, helping the evil cultists. So I repainted Bullywug Thugs (Deathknell #48) and a Bloodhulk Fighter (Deathknell #46) for the tribe.

I actually managed to get my hands on some more Bullywug miniatures from WizKids, as I just had two of them. Fortunately, they were pretty cheap with 2 euros a piece. Although the Bloodhulk fighter is admittedly not a frog man (it has hair and ears), it looked close enough. It would make a nice berserker type of opponent for my players.

Bullywugs were around for a in D&D since 1st edition. They are primitive, amphibious humanoids and are usually led by an evil shaman.

I used the image above as color reference.

Basing and Priming

After adding some sand and pebbles to the base, the minis were airbrushed with black primer and then dusted with white primer to achieve basic shading. They already looked really cool at this stage.


I used different green tones for the basecoat of the skin. The leather parts were painted with Vallejo Game Color Leather Brown. I gave them a “scarf” in different colors, to make them more distinguishable from one another. The Bloodhulk Fighter got some nice red pants and black hair.

After using a black wash for shading, I redid the mid-tones with the basecoat colors. Highlights were achieved with drybrushing with a mix of the basecolor and white in several steps.

They all got yellow eyes, and the Bloodhulk Fighter some white-green highlighting of the veins on his skin. His hair was also drybrushed slightly with a dark grey.

For the base, I used a reddish brown and applied a dark green wash. The small rocks were painted and drybrushed in two different grey tones. I later added some green grass tufts.

Here are the final versions of the repainted Bullywugs and the Bloodhulk Fighter: