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Bullywug Mudlord

Repaint: Bullywug Mudlord

In Hoard of the Dragon Queen, the Bullywugs are led by Pharblex Splattergoo, a Bullywug shaman. I found the perfect miniature for him: The Bullywug Mud Lord from WizKids Savage Encounters (#8/40). He just needed a crocodile head on top.

The art in the Adventure Book for this baddy is pretty awesome, thanks to Bryan Syme.

Original Miniature

Gale Force Nine released a miniature for Pharblexx, but it wasn’t available anywhere at that time. So I decided to use the The Bullywug Mud Lord from WizKids Savage Encounters (#8/40) instead. It also has a staff and was just missing the crocodile hat. But that could easily be added with green stuff.

Basing and Priming

The original miniature is close enough for Pharblex, but the crocodile hat made it perfect. I added some sand to the base and then – as always – used the Airbrush to prime the mini black and then I dusted it with white primer to achieve basic shading.


I tried to stay as close to the reference art as possible and decided on bright basecoat colors. For the skin, I used the same colors as with the other bullywugs.

After washing the mini with a mix of sepia and black, all colors were toned down enough. I added some details in Gold (no NMM, though) and highlighted his warts with a lime green. Altogether, this mini was pretty easy to paint and fun. You can see the all the glory that is Pharblex Splattergoo in the pictures below!