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Human Red Wizard (Wizkids Icons of the Reals, Tyranny of Dragons #019)

D&D Repaint: Red Wizard as Rath Modar

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As they were approaching the later episodes of the Tyranny of Dragon campaign, my players faced the mighty Red Wizard Rath Modar. The new D&D miniatures line from WizKids has a Human Red Wizard (#019) in their “Tyranny of Dragons” set. I did not really like the factory paint job, so I repainted him.

This was the first miniature from the then new “Icons of the Realms” line of prepainted D&D plastic miniatures from Wizkids. They released a couple of sets each year, mostly coinciding with the current storyline of the released D&D adventures. Well, I should say almost coinciding, because the miniature sets were usually a couple of months behind the adventure releases. Since we don’t have time to play all adventures, I had more than enough time to get the Red Wizard (#019) miniature from the Tyranny of Dragons set.

The picture below shows the miniature with the factory paint job:

Basing and Priming

The base was already good enough. I didn’t want to have something too fancy, but I added a little sand on the floor.

I removed the translucent hands with the fire effect and then primed the miniature via airbrushing in black and white.


The old colors weren’t too bad, but they didn’t have any shadows or highlights. That didn’t do this mighty wizard justice.

I wanted to try something different here, so I did not opt for the gold like the factory paint job, but went for yellow. This wasn’t intended as NMM paint – I just thought yellow like in the Red Wizard artworks would look better.

That also gave me the chance to improve the miniature with some little details on the robe, while still keeping it in red. Once finished, I glued the hands back on.

Overall, I am very happy how the miniature turned out. I love it, and I have used it a couple of times for other mages than Rath Modar since then.