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D&D Repaint: Red Wizard as Rath Modar

As they were approaching the later episodes of the Tyranny of Dragon campaign, my players faced the mighty Red Wizard Rath Modar. The new D&D miniatures line from WizKids has a Human Red Wizard (#019) in their “Tyranny of Dragons” set. I did not really like the factory paint job, so I repainted him.

D&D, repaint, wizard, wizkids

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Anirion (77068) as Neronvain the Green

Let’s get back to important NPCs in the Tyranny of Dragons campaign. Spoilers, obviously. Neronvain the Green Wyrmspeaker is the head of the green sect within the Cult of the Dragon. His base of operations is deep within a forest. It is also the lair of his close ally, the green dragon Chuth. I needed a spellcaster miniature for this NPC, and Anirion from the Reaper Bones Kickstarter was a perfect match.

bones, D&D, elf, reaper, wizard

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Player Character: Alester, the Distant Light

Alester, “the Distant Light” is an old wandering priest of Lathander who condemns the corruption of his church in Iraebor and distrusts any authority figures. Alester’s player choose a picture of Ezren, an iconic wizard from the Pathfinder games as his character’s portrait, so naturally, we used the miniature of Ezren (89013) as well.

cleric, D&D, human, player character, reaper, wizard

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