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Mummy (77144)

Happy Halloween, everybody!  The first update today is an undead classic, The Mummy. Reaper Bones’ mummy (77144) usually comes in pairs of three, but the kickstarter only included one. Maybe I will get some more mummys in the future.

The mummy model was not very hard to paint, as the there aren’t a lot of details. There’re just the bandages, a little skin and the face to paint.

Basing and Priming

Standard procedure included cleaning and glueing on the base before adding some sand on the base and priming the miniature with Vallejo Black Primer. I did these steps a couple of weeks ago and left the figure in my mini box to painted some time later. In between translucent Bones, I thought this model would fit perfectly into the halloween theme.


I painted the skin with a mixture of Vallejo Model Color (MC) “Brown Violet” and black, which resulted in a very dark brown/green tone. The bandages were painted in MC “Ivory” and then washed with a thin layer of MC Black Ink. I re-did some of the highlights and painted the eyes in MC “Lime Green” (yes, at the moment, I really love this color ;)). Additionally, I added some black stains on the mummy’s chest to simulate black goo coming out of its mouth.

Finishing Touches

I tried several different variations for the base. Overall, the mummy has a very light sand color. I first painted the base as some kind of desert (ochre, sand tones), which didn’t contrast very well at all. Then, I tried grey/black rocks, which looked like asphalt on a street – also not good enough. I then wished I hadn’t glued sand on the base, and I could use some kind of stone tile floor as a base. But I didn’t want to re-do the whole base material, so I settled with my usual earthy base tones, which gave enough contrast to the figure.

Finally, I sealed the model with Army Painter Anti-Shine Varnish and put some of my new grass flock on the base. I know, mummies are probably more likely to be encountered in a dungeon, which doesn’t have grass in it. But contrast-wise, the grass looks nice, I think. So that’s a keeper!