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Nightspectre (77099)

Finally! The last mini from the Bones “Haunts” Set from Kickstarter, I present to you: The Nightspectre (77099)! I really enjoyed painting this amazing sculpt and like how the figure turned out at the end, especially the base.

There are some very good paint jobs of the Nightspectre of other people out there. Rich Burges version is completely painted in green and yellow. Precinct Omega did an amazing job on the metal version and painted eyes on the flame/shroud. In the transparent miniature, I didn’t see that there is a face there at all! The most professional version is from Anne Cooper, who won a silver medal at ReaperCon 2011 for her undead diorama.

I decided on keeping the bright green color on the flames (a.k.a. ghostly flames) and to just paint the skeletons, like I did with the Ghostly Summons.

Basing and Priming

The miniature is larger than others and thrice as wide, so I glued it on a 50mm base. The large base gave me a lot of opportunities to try some new terrain methods. I used putty to create a bumpy surface and glued some “larger” rocks and coarse and fine sand on it. I also had a bag of skulls left, so I glued some of them onto the base. I imagined, that the nightspectre was emerging from the ground, the skeletons in the figure rising as ghosts from their earthly remains. Maybe an old battle site or something like that.


I painted the translucent parts with a basecoat of brush-on Vallejo Satin Varnish and later washed just the skeletons with Vallejo Model Color (MC) Dark Green Ink, as I did with the other green translucent Bones. Then, the skeletons were painted in MC “Lime Green” (did I mention, that I love this color?) and drybrushed the whole model with MC “Green Grey”.

Then, I painted the skulls and the rest of the base, again aiming for a desaturated, earthy ground for the base. The stones were drybrushed with different shades of grey (…;))

Finishing Touches

After sealing the miniature with Army Painter Anti-Shine Varnish, I added some patches of moss and grass tufts. Additionally, I again used Iceland Moss as thorny undergrowth, painting it dark brown. And that’s about it!