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Tag: basing

Armoured Skeletons I

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Since the last minis I painted were skeletons, I wanted to practice some more with them. When I bought all my paints, I also bought some nice “Armoured Skeletons I” from Otherworld Miniatures. There are three classic metal miniatures in the box, and they come without a base. I wanted to try out different things with these minis: How do they look, using white primer instead of black primer? How can I make a more realistic looking base? How do I make nice looking cloth robes?

basing, miniatures, Otherworld Miniatures, skeletons, undead

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Tools of the trade

I painted my last mini well over 10 years ago. So, I’m a little out of practice. Worse, I don’t have any paints or brushes left from the old days. I used to paint my old minis with Revell Oil paints, but from what I surmised from different websites, acryllic paints are the way to go. So while I was reading into the basics, I decided to do it right this time.

airbrush, basing, paints, tools, vallejo

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