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Slimes, Oozes & Jellies - Otherworld Miniatures

Oozes, Slimes, and Jellies (Otherworld Miniatures)

Let’s return to some unremarkable miniatures for once. Every so often, you need some ugly monsters for your players. Something like these Oozes, Slimes and Jellies from Otherworld Miniatures! Normally, you don’t really need miniatures for that kind of monster, more so now when everybody is playing online. But hey, I got them 7 years ago in a sale and sometimes, you only have one hour to paint.

These metal miniatures come from the Dungeon Monsters series from Otherworld Miniatures. They are the Green Slime I (DM7a), Black Pudding (DM7b), Grey Ooze (DM7c), and Ochre Jelly, large (DM7d).

These strange creatures are unintelligent, roaming monsters in the Dungeons and Dragons universes. They bubble along the floor or lay in wait to ambush dungeon crawlers.

Basing and Priming

Not much to do here, just gluing them on medium (1-inch) and large (2-inch) bases. I added some sand on the rest of the bases. In hindsight, this was not the best idea. They would have looked better if I had put them on a flat floor. Before painting, I primed the minis as usual in black and white.


I painted them using very basic techniques: Basecoat in the respective color, washing with black/brown ink, highlighting and then drybrushing. As a finishing touch, I glazed them with glossy sealing agent.

Even if these were someone’s very first miniatures, I think they would look not too much different from mine. Overall, I painted them while watching TV in about an hour or so. And for that, they are good enough. However, I finished these miniatures in 2014 (that’s roughly 7 years ago ;)), but only used them once in my games … but you never know what’s around the next corner, right? Here they are: