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Tag: Otherworld Miniatures

Oozes, Slimes, and Jellies (Otherworld Miniatures)

Let’s return to some unremarkable miniatures for once. Every so often, you need some ugly monsters for your players. Something like these Oozes, Slimes and Jellies from Otherworld Miniatures! Normally, you don’t really need miniatures for that kind of monster, more so now when everybody is playing online. But hey, I got them 7 years ago in a sale and sometimes, you only have one hour to paint.

D&D, monster, Otherworld Miniatures

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Armoured Skeletons I

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Since the last minis I painted were skeletons, I wanted to practice some more with them. When I bought all my paints, I also bought some nice “Armoured Skeletons I” from Otherworld Miniatures. There are three classic metal miniatures in the box, and they come without a base. I wanted to try out different things with these minis: How do they look, using white primer instead of black primer? How can I make a more realistic looking base? How do I make nice looking cloth robes?

basing, miniatures, Otherworld Miniatures, skeletons, undead

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