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Ezren, Iconic Wizard (89013), Reaper Bones

Player Character: Alester, the Distant Light

Alester, “the Distant Light” is an old wandering priest of Lathander who condemns the corruption of his church in Iraebor and distrusts any authority figures. Alester’s player choose a picture of Ezren, an iconic wizard from the Pathfinder games as his character’s portrait, so naturally, we used the miniature of Ezren (89013) as well.

Here is the group of adventureres from the 5e Tyranny of Dragons campaign:

Adventurers: Tyranny of Dragon

The Reaper miniature of Ezren, Iconic Wizard (89013) came with the Bones Kickstarter, so I used the plastic version instead of buying the original metal miniature (Reaper SKU 60002). The pose of the miniature by Todd Harris is great with its dynamic pose, depicting casting gestures and the wizard’s staff high in the air.

As with the previous player character’s miniature, the Bones version was missing some detail compared to the metal version of the figure. But as the face was covered with a beard, and the robe was adorned with a lot of items, it wasn’t a problem at all. These features would easily stand out, once they were painted. However, the staff would not stay straight and started to bend, no matter what I did with it.

This miniature seems to be very popular! There are dozens of very cool paint jobs posted online with a great variety of color themes. Many painters chose the colors of the Pathfinder character from the game manuals with his blue/yellow robe and snow-white hair, but I especially like those who went for something different.


I didn’t put too much work into the base and just glued the miniature on a standard plastic base and covered it with some sand and small pebbles. Then, I primed it via airbrush using first black and then white primer.


As Alester’s player chose his character to look exactly like the original Ezren from the Pathfinder books, his miniature would also look like the original Ezren with his blue/yellow robe.

The figure was very fun to paint and not to complicated. As a finishing touch, I added some flowers on the base which seemed fitting somehow.

Here comes Alester, the Distant Light!