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Elquin Front

Player Character: The Red Raven

The next PC is The Red Raven, a Great Old One warlock. He’s wearing a breastplate and a red cloak. In pretty old miniature from Reaper, Elquin the Daring (02028), I found the perfect miniature for the character.

By now, I had selected all the miniatures for my group of players. With some of them, this took hours of browsing the miniatures stores in the internet. Others were happy with my mini recommendation for their beloved PC. Here they are from left to right:

Adventurers: Tyranny of Dragon

For The Red Raven, I chose an old Reaper model from Sandra Garrity. It was the only one of an elf with both a heavy armor and a coat. As a bonus, the miniature even used a wand like the PC. Excellent! Just a shield was missing, so I took one from my heap of Bones minis and planted it on the hand of the figure.

The color scheme of The Red Raven was simple: The player told me he wears a metal breastplate with some brown leather under his bright red coat. He has raven black hair and dark eyes.


I’ve had this miniature since 2001 or so. It was part of my first experiences with painting miniatures, and I painted it with oil colors, not using any highlighting/shading or anything. Ah, simple times. I did not strip the mini of its old color, instead I added a shield to the figure. However, I did cut off the metal base and placed the figure on a 25mm “Ancestrial Ruins” base from Tabletop Art.

Here’s a picture from 2002, showing Elquin in play:

Old Elquin Miniature in 2000s


As usual, I primed the miniature with Vallejo primer with my airbrush. First pass in black and then dusted with white primer. Looking good, so far!


Again, I’m very sorry – I didn’t take any pictures while painting. I first painted the plate mail under the coat with TMM colors and washed it with black ink. I then painted the skin, using the Reaper Paint Tanned Skin color triad. I really love these skin colors! Then I proceeded with the coat. As it should appear very vibrantly, I used Vallejo Model Color Orange Red for Highlights and Carmine Red for the basecoat. Unfortunately, my reds tend to be a little bit glossy. I used matte varnish paint to reduce the effect. But as you can see in the final photos, it’s still pretty glossy in bright light.

The rest of the details were pretty straight forward: The wand and the shield were painted in silver and shading with black ink. For the hair I used a very dark grey, washed it with black and then drybrushed it again with very dark grey. As an afterthought, I could have gone for more contrast. Next time, then. It also did not help, that the miniature was painted before (and that I did not strip the old paint off). The fine details in the face and hair were lost under the previous paintjob.

For the base, I just used a mix of warm grey tones and then added a little bit of yellow/orange moss at the end for contrast.

I give to you: The Red Raven, Half-elven warlock