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Player Character: Hakran Steamhammer

The second warlock is a shield dwarf with a pact of the blade, serving the Archfey Cyramore (a winter prince). We’ve been looking for a fitting miniature for quite a while, but Cheiton (60122) from Reaper’s pathfinder range was a great match.

Here is the group of adventureres from the 5e Tyranny of Dragons campaign:

Adventurers: Tyranny of Dragon

The figure is sculpted by Jason Weibe, based on a character in the Pathfinder books. Interestingly, there are no entries for Cheiton in the Reaper Inspiration Gallery or on the Forums. The only painted versions I came across were those from Martin Jones (“official” paint job), Belminiart and PatryMiniatures. They are all staying close to the official look of the character.

Hakran’s player liked the face and hammer of the miniature. But he absolutely loved his rastas/braids. His dwarf is a warlock, so he doesn’t wear much armor. Hakran has a white ice hammer and wears a light blueish metal armor. As he is serving the winter prince, he’s themed around ice and cold. So I went with white, blue and silver color tones.


I freed the figure from its restraining metal base and put a pin in it. The 25mm base I used is a resin base of the Sanctuary Base Series from Dragon Forge.


I used my usual method and primed the mini black and then white with the airbrush.


The first thing I did was the skin. It took me quite some time (ca. 4 hours), but I also did the skin of the last PC posted (Elena) simultaneously. I tried different things with the eyes and I like the result pretty much. Nevertheless, I’ve never spent so much time on painting a miniature’s skin before.

Next was the silver armor. I mixed Vallejo Model Color Silver with a drop of Vallejo Model Color Skyblue to get a blueish light metal color. I also washed the armor with a light blue ink. I then painted the cloth parts in a greyish blue. However, I didn’t like it in the end, so I painted them in a more colorful turquoise blue. The images above shows the step between.

For the leathers I used VMC Dark Brown with highlights of VGC Leather Brown and VGC Bone Whote as well as a couple drops of Reaper Paint Liner to mix the shadows. Hakrans hair is painted with VMC Dark Brown, washed black and then re-highlighted with VMC Earth Brown.

For better contrasts, the hammers’ handle was painted in a very dark brown and the head with VMG Offwhite. I added some metal flakes in the last coat to get a metal look. Finally, I washed over the hammer head with VMC Skyblue. The details of Hakran’s outfit were painted in VMC Silver and Polished Gold. He also wears a pair of brown leather snow goggles, in case you’re wondering 🙂

And done! Here come the dwarven ice-wielding warlock Hakran!

Cheiton Front
Cheiton Back